It is worth starting with the fact that the way it was “swaddled” - they don’t pack any other laptop.Massive black sarcophagus, during the generally following fashion for minimalism and environmental friendliness, could serve as a material for packing at least three macbooks.

The device itself looks equally defiant.The first thing that is usually interested in the user when he open a simple laptop is his performance.The first thing that interested us when we opened the HP OMEN - what other unusual detail the designers came up with when it was designed.

Even when the laptop just lies on the table, it attracts his gaze.HP Omen is already quite thin for its class, but due to the fact that the cover is much wider than the lower part, the device looks very elegant.In shape resembles an inverted base of the pyramid.By the way, and opening a laptop thanks to this solution is very convenient.

The hinge is not modestly hidden, but, on the contrary, a throw, with aggressive “burns” around the edges, as if from welding.At the same time, the lid itself looks rather intelligent: textured black matte plastic with the laconic text “Hewlett-Packard” without a company logo.

The lower part of the laptop also looks impressive.Small closely fitted tetrahedra is beautifully shimmering in the light.

Almost all connectors due to the unusual shape of the laptop had to be placed behind-hello to the beginning of the two thousandth.This, on the one hand, is not very convenient.On the other hand, no wires at hand.Connected and forgot.

On the left and right, they are represented by the entrance for the power cable, four USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort and headphone nest.But the slot for SD cards still found a place on the side, it is on the right side.To the touch, without looking, he is easy.

The computer is well balanced in the center of gravity, so it easily opens with one hand, not overturning anywhere.The laptop itself, of course, is heavy compared to ultrabooks, but the very fact of such a comparison is already talking about a lot.This is not his weight category.

We will finally open it.

To the left and right of the keyboard are the gratings of speakers with intense red backlighting, playing along with music and other sounds.The keyboard also has red backlight, but less bright.As for its layout, the presence of a column of keys P1, P2 and further in order to P6 is immediately striking..It is proposed to appoint actions on them to the user himself.Otherwise, everything is quite typical.Note that at first it is not very convenient to use the keyboard due to displacement to the left, but it hardly matters if it is your main laptop-you can get used to it.

The touchpad is also very unusual.It is rectangular, but the ratio of sides 1: 2 is not what is found everywhere.In fact, the idea is excellent, and it becomes clear pretty soon.Displays that PC, that laptopes are no longer square, and therefore such a bold “stretching” of the touchpad in width looks justified.There is practically no one to shift the finger to get from one angle of the screen to another (which is especially true for displays with high resolution/diagonal).

In general, the laptop looks great.Designers definitely managed to combine the bold and places even aggressive ideas with solidity and relevant in 2015 with conciseness.It is made with taste.

Review of characteristics

HP Omen is a formally gaming laptop, so it is not surprising that it is filled with selected iron.He works under the control of the four-haired Intel Core i7-4710HQ Haswell processor with a clock frequency of 2500 MHz.In Turbo Boot mode, the frequency increases to 3.5 GHz.This is a standard solution for gaming laptops.

The size of the established RAM varies from 8 to 16 GB depending on the modification.Memory type - DDR3L.

Of course, discrete graphics.The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860MS video memory is responsible for it..The video card is relatively fresh, it is not even a year.

Обзор ноутбука HP Omen: для игр и не только

In addition to it, there is an integrated graphic accelerator Intel HD Graphics 4600.Its performance is enough for most resource -intensive tasks like watching a movie.

The volume of the SSD drive is also different - by 256 and 512 GB.The hard disk, unlike most competitors, is not available here, and this positively affects many aspects of the life of the device.However, the situation in which you will have to choose which game to leave and which one can be deleted may well arise.

Wireless interfaces are presented by Wi-Fi Ieee 802.11b/g/n (not the most productive module) and Bluetooth 4.0.

The display is very, very good.A laptop seems to be a gaming one, but this does not mean at all that it is necessary to play it only.It is also quite suitable for processing photos and videos (and with an sight it can be purchased).Its resolution is Full-HD (just right for 15 inches at the moment), and the matrix is made using TFT-IPS technology and very high quality.Gorgeous viewing angles, excellent picture.

The sensory display.But also glossy, which in this context is rather minus - fingerprints can remain.

In general, the filling can be called a balanced.The laptop, regarding its colleagues, is very elegant, and although it does not formally possess the "most-" iron ", endowed with completely serious capacities for 2015.


In the most common benchmark, through which almost all journalists (including we) drive away devices, namely in PC Mark 7, HP Omen is expected to be expected:

To check his skills in real conditions, we launched several games on it.Namely, FIFA 15, World of Tanks, Far Cry 4 and Crysis 3.The results for all games, in general, are identical: it will not work to play from the games comfort.Fall up to 30 fps and below is observed everywhere with maximum settings.Well, quite predictable.

At the same time, you only have to weaken the requirements for completely sane values, how to play immediately becomes quite comfortable with still good quality of the graphics.

Actual for all thin laptops, the problem of cooling is solved in HP OMEN on a three plus.The fan begins to make noise when the launch of several non -demanding programs (such as a text editor and browser).Moreover, it does not seem to be preventive: the body is heating significantly.For lovers to play with the laptop on the Khp Omen laptop, perhaps not the best choice.

The sound in laptops usually speak either good or nothing.Despite the marking "Beats Audio" to call the sound of the laptop outstanding.On the other hand, we liked the direction of the sound to the "viewer" - for this the device plus in karma.

Built -in utilities capable of significantly affecting user experience did not find.There are, of course, a pair of standard programs with which all manufacturers supply their devices, but what to remember about them once again.

The laptop works, like all other representatives of the class, not for long.A touch, high -quality display, a relatively small battery capacity ... The chance that you can play on a laptop away from a socket for more than 2 hours - very little.For simpler tasks, such as surfing on the network or editing text, it will be enough twice as long.


If you do not consider HP Omen as exclusively a game machine (which is quite justified), then the impression of it as a laptop is very solid and pleasant to be very stable.Its main advantages: magnificent display and small thickness with serious power.And if this is not essential for the gamer, then for a person who has to work with heavy vector graphics for work, to mount a video or seriously process photos, these advantages can become decisive.That is, as a purely gaming laptop, HP Omen would not be the most pragmatic solution.As a device for all occasions - damn justified.

HP OmenAcer Aspire V 15 NitroLenovo IdeaPad Y5070ПроцессорCore i7-4710HQ, Haswell Core i7-4710HQCore i5 / Core i7Экран

TFT IPS15.6 "

1920x1080 Pix.


TFT IPS15.6 "

3840x2160 Pix.

TFT IPS15.6 "

3840x2160 / 1920x1080 Pix.

ВидеопроцессорNVIDIA GeForce GTX 860MNVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M Размер видеопамяти 4 Гбайт2 Гбайт4 ГбайтТип жесткого дискаSSD HDD+SSD CacheHDD+SSD CacheРазмеры 382,9х245,7х19,9 мм389,6x257,5x23,9 мм387х263,4х23,9 ммМасса2,1 кг2,4 кг 2,4 кг ЦенаОт i120 000От i65 000От i75 000

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