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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is releasing the first public beta of watchOS 8. This means that public beta testers or any non-developer can download and try out the new update on their Apple Watch.

In order to run the beta version of the next Apple operating system update on your watch, you need to sign up for Apple's beta testing program. It's free to join. Then you need to install the appropriate certificate from Apple's public beta site, and then you can receive updates over the air. If you have previously participated in the Apple beta program, you will need to register again.Here's what you need to know.


How to Download and Install the watchOS 8 Public Beta on Apple Watch

With Apple's public beta program, you can download and install watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch. To make things easier, we've detailed the steps below. But remember, if you want watchOS 8, you'll also need the iOS 15 public beta on your iPhone. Check out our guide to learn how to get the iOS 15 public beta - it's just as easy and free.

Sign up and enroll in the Apple Public Beta Program

Before you can download the watchOS 8 public beta and install it on your Apple device, you need to sign up and enroll in Apple's public beta program.

Visit the Apple Beta Program website on the iPhone paired with your Apple Watch. Click the register button. Sign in with your Apple ID. From there, read and accept the Apple agreement. On your iPhone, go to beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/Manual. Download the beta configuration profile. (Follow the on-screen instructions.)

At this point, you're ready to install the public beta on your Apple Watch.

Install watchOS 8 public beta through Apple Watch

Как получить публичную бета-версию Apple WatchOS 8 на свои Apple Watch

You can install the watchOS 8 public beta through your Apple Watch with just a few simple steps:

In the Apple Watch Settings app, go to General > Software Update. Wait for the watchOS 8 public beta to appear. Click the prompt to download and install the beta on your device.

Install watchOS 8 Public Beta via iPhone

Alternatively, you can install the watchOS 8 public beta using your iPhone:

Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and launch the Apple Watch app. Click on the My Watch tab > General > Software Update. Click "Download and Install" and enter your iPhone passcode. Click "Accept Terms of Use". Make sure your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged and connect it to the charger. Tap Install on iPhone and/or Apple Watch.

Can your Apple Watch run the watchOS 8 public beta?

Apple has stated that watchOS 8 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 or later and one of the following Apple Watch models:

When will the final version of watchOS 8 be released?

Over the summer, Apple will release several watchOS 8 developer betas and public betas that you can download over the air. The final version of the software update is expected to be officially released to all supported Apple Watch models this fall, likely after the debut of the next iPhone series.

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The final releases will also be free and downloadable over the air - no Apple beta testing program required.

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Written by Maggie Tillman. Originally published June 30, 2021.