Luke Albijes, June 30, 2021.900? 'Omessages': 'BTNLOADMESSAGITHREAD');"> Today, the SHROOM & Doom update from CommentSgounded, which brings with it many new functions.In particular, the survival game now supports achievements!Gounded offers 20 achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore, four fans (especially those who live here) asked for achievements in an exciting adventure for survival in the Obsidian garden, in which wrinkled children have to deal with ants, spiders and all kinds of unusual large creatures - withmoment of its the preliminary version of the game almost a year ago.Today's update also adds several other very popular functions, such as the opportunity to sit down (no, true) and a way to take small beetles as pets.Crafts, as well as a processed version of the battle with Broodmother's boss, which was removed from the early assembly after it "did not meet the expectations of the team".Интересно, что Майки Даулинг из Obsidian сказал на Xbox Wire, что это был «первый этап достижений», предполагая, что сегодняшний список из 20 человек будет продолжать расти вместе с игрой, как и в других играх, таких как Sea of ​​Thieves и Minecraft.This list is completely...Click this link if you want to find out what these are hidden secrets.Oh, and we just checked, and some of them will appear retroactively if you load the old preservation that fulfilled the requirements.And however, few of them seem to be related to things added in this update, so do not expect more than the advantage in the list.Name Description Gamerscorefine Dining Cook error on frying 25 Interesting analysis 15 resources 50 Bulge growth get your first mutation 25 rule of science buy the first improvement in Burg.L 25 secret achievement continue to play to unlock this achievement.A 50 -second achievement continue to play to unlock this achievement.Continue to play this acute.100 from the city center, forget the basket with a basketball ring from a distance of more than 40 cm 25, walking in an armchair in an armchair 25 Blocks Destroyer, Expand 10 Exoskeletes, Put up the corresponding set of armor of the 2nd level 50 heating Create your first level of the 3rd level 50 perfectly10 new SCA color schemes.B 50 Protein Shake consume 5 BEEFY memorized SMOOTHies 50 Recipe Strengthered Build your first building made of mushroom-shaped brick 50snoopy, open 20 sites on the map 50 face to face with your fears, kill your first spider 50Web Master Zip through a teenager, made a zipamyne more 100see 25 Friends in low places to tame a beetle as a pet achievement 50Secret to play to unlock this achievement.100gounded is part of the Game Preview program and is available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC.Will you return to Gounded (or refuse it for the first time) when she supports achievements? Let us know!Reaching List of Cystox Series X |Sxbox Onewindows is written by Lucian Albiges, I am Luke! I played games from 8-bit days, and for more than 15 years I wrote and talked about them professionally for everyone and everyone who would allow me.Monster Hunter - a fanatic, wears many beautiful hats and is always ready for raids.

Заземленный наконец получил достижения сегодня с обновлением Shroom & Doom