According to the person who is familiar with this issue, and the new report by Insider, Google finally creates his own smart watches, the launch of which is scheduled for 2022.

While Google has created its own smartphones under the Pixel line for many years (which has since spread to other accessories, such as wireless headphones), the company has never developed its own smart watches, despite the fact that Google has with thoseThere is an accompanying wearable platform for Android.2014

The Google Pixel hardware group is operating on the clock (under the code name “Rohan”) separately from Fitbit, which Google bought at the beginning of this year for $ 2.1 billion. Ingently, the new coming hours of Google is still unclear whether Google will be on the very very The case to call them “Pixel Watch” will play in many ways the same role as the Pixel phones for Android: an example for both consumers and equipment partners. About what Google software is really capable of in the presence of suitable equipment. It is expected that the device will cost more than Fitbit and will directly compete with Apple Watch, according to the source of The Verge.

The clock will have the basic functions of fitness tracking, including the calculation of steps and the heart rhythm monitor, while reportedly, Google also works on the debut of Fitbit's integration into Wear OS (under the code name “Nightlight” with new hours when they are launched.

Google is currently in the process of the latest rethinking of its smart watch platform with Wear OS 3. Unlike the earlier versions of Wear OS (or Android Wear), Wear OS 3 was developed in partnership with Samsung, combining the Tizen platform with the Google platform.. But so far, the Wear OS 3 has been launched only on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which works a strongly configured version of the new operating system, which replaces most Google services and applications with Samsung application.

Google создает свои первые умные часы, которые могут появиться в продаже в 2022 году

According to the 2019 report, Google had almost “Pixel Watch” .LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, released in 2017, should initially be sold as part of the Pixel brand, but the employee told Insider that the head of hardware of Google RickOsterlo abandoned this idea, because they “did not look like what belonged.In the Pixel family. "The device did not impress us when they left.

However, the news about the smart watches created by Google is not a complete surprise. This year Osterlo told Diter Bon from The Verge that the wear OS operating system is no longer far off, noting at that time that the acquisition of Google Fitbit was still ""A rather early stage of integration. "Sterlo mentioned that" you will see how they [the Fitbit team] will create wearable devices on Wear OS in the future, while the team is already "working diligently on this", although it was unclear whether Osterlo had in mindRohan watch.Or another, future product.

Update December 2, 17:55: The code name "Rohan" for the upcoming smart watches Google is specified.