Google was inspired by the successes of Apple Competitors in the development of processors for smartphones and Computers, sources of publication said.Apple has been making its own iPhone chips since 2010.Google will develop microprocessors for laptops and tablets that work with Chrome OS.

According to interlocutors, Google leaders are building great hopes for the new Pixel 6 smartphone, which should appear in October 2021.The Company reserved 50% more production capacities than in 2019 before the start of the pandemic.

In early August, it became known that Google refused QualComm processors for her Pixel smartphones and will develop the production of Google Tensor Chipsets.For this, the architecture of the British Company ARM will be used.ARM processors consume less energy Compared to analogues and are used everywhere - in smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Google решила выпускать процессоры для планшетов и ноутбуков

Earlier, “Secret” wrote that Google is working on an application that allows you to quickly transfer data from iPhone to Android devices.It is assumed that iOS users will be able to copy information and software using Wi-Fi Division.The Switch to Android program should appear in the App Store in the near future.

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