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Get Safe, Versatile Changing for Your iPhone 13 with the Invzi Magfree.Its MFM Certification is Pending, and You'll Love the Height-ADJustable Stand.

INVZI MagFree charging devices

Choose An iPhone 13 Charger that sore for you with the Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Magsafe Charger.This iPhone 13 Charger Has Pending MFM Certification, Powers 3 Devices Simultaneously, and Extends to 13.5 Inches in Height.

IF YOU BOUGHT ANEW IPHONE 13 THIS FALL, YOU PROBABALY DON WANT To PAIR IT with Just Any Kind of Charger.You Want One with Flexibility and That Fits Your LifeTyle.Well, That’s Just What You Get with The Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Magsafe Charger.Let’s See What it offers.

Go for a Magsafe Charger That’s Actually Safe For iPhone 13

According to Invzi, Products Promoted as ‘Magsafe Compatible’ At 7.5 Watts Aren’t the Same as Apple’s ‘Made for Magsafe’ (MFM) AT 15 WATTS.

The Two Types of Chargers have A 50% Difference in Charging Power and ‘Magsafe Compatible’ Chargers Risk of Becomping Opple Upgrades TechnoLogy.

Meanwhile, The Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Charger Alread Has Apple’s Ppid Number, and Samples Have Been Sent Final MFM Certification.SO Invzi Expects Its Product Will Be MfM-Certified Soon.

Charge 3 Apple Devices SimultaneUsly with this Versatile Charger

While You’re Sure to find Beautifully Designed Magsafe Compatible Chargers Out There with 3-In-1 Changing, Why Settle for Less Power?

Get stuff done while you speak to family and friends when you have his height-adjustable iPhone 13 charger

The Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Magsafe Charger Boasts 40 Watts of Maximum Changing Power-15 Watts, 5 Watts, and 20 Watts.

SOU CAN CHARGE YOUR IPHONE 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and 13 Mini in Addition to the iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, and 12 Mini Models at 15 Watts.THEN, YOU CAN Power Your Airpods with Wireless Charging Case At 5 Watts.

Meanwhile, The 20-Watt USB-C PD Charging Port Fast Charges Devices Like Your iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone.

NEVER AGAIN Will You have to Strategize Changing Sessions Based on Which Gadget You Need Sooner.With the Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Magsafe Charger on Your Desk, They’ll Always Be Ready for You.

Check Out the Adjustable Height Design

Wireless charges with Integrated Stands Have Been Around for Awhile Now.But What ABOUT ASTH Adjustable Height?Well, That’s a New One.

And it’s a Pretty Good Idea, Too.BecAuse How Many Times Havy You Been on a Video Call While You’re Cooking Or Doing Sorme Sort of Work, and You have to Keep Bending to See The People You’re Talking Talking To?

This iPhone 13 Charger is always at eye level with its aluminum alloy adJustable Stand, Keeping You in Touch While You Stay Productive.

EVEN Better, The Adjustable Height Prevents Pain from Tech Neck, Which Ispecially Problematic for Children.

Angle Your iPhone 180 ° with the Free Rotation Feature

But, of Course, Height Adjustment Alone Deesn’t Provide a Comfy Viewing Experience.For that Reason, Invzi Equipped Its iPhone 13 Charger with A Free Rotation Design.

It allows you to robe iPhone 180 Degrees to the Left, Right, and Back of the Stand, Ensurg that, in Addition to a Proper Height a Comfortable Tilta.

Choose a 3-In-1 iPhone Charger with A Durable Design

iPhones Last Longer than Your Average Smartphone, and You Want Your Charger to Be Up for the Task.Luckily, You Can Expect Long Use from the Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Magsafe Charger.

Thanks to its CNC Milled Aluminum Allloy, The Device Is Durable - Light Wear Shouldn’s it It.What’s More, The Material is Sleek and Lightweight.

Use This Charger with The iPhone and Invzi Magsafe Cases

Don’t Worry;You Won’s to Remove Your iPhone and Invzi Magsafe Cases to Use Device.IT Works Through these Cases Due to Its Strong Magnets that Comply with Official Guidelines.

That Way, Charging Your Apple Devices on this Versatile Charm a Breeze;there’S Nothing to Remove or Put Back on.Simply Snap Your Phone to the Charger and Power Up.

Add This Charger to Your Tik Tok Routines

Love Tik Tok?This iPhone 13 Charger Is the Ideal Accessory for Your VideoS Since It Holds Your Phone as You Need and Tilts Toward Yoor Best Angle.

Set it up in your office

Whather you work from home or office, it Makes Sense to have elevated iPhone changing right at your desk.Your gadgets are always topped up, and your Phone Stays at the Right Height for Call.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A GREAT IPHONE 13 Charger, The Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Magsafe Charger is IT.Not only sores it has -pending mfm certification, but it’s versatile enunch to fit in with your daily Life.

It’s a pro-Level Way to Ensure You’re Keeping Your Apple Devices Safe.Get it for youurself or someone you love for a comlete iPhone Experience.

The Invzi Magfree 3-In-1 Magsafe Charger Costs $ 89, and You Can Preorder it on Indiegogo.What are your Favorite iPhone Gadgets and Accessories?Let Us Know in the Comments.

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