Apple Watch Series 7. Photo: Ivan Chernousov

Compared to the previous generation, the Apple Watch package has not changed: the watch comes in a special box, opening which you can find two more others - one with a watch, the other with a strap, depending on the color you have chosen. This year, five color schemes are available to customers - this is "dark night" (dark-colored watch), "shining star" (beige-colored watch), dark green watch (they are called so - green aluminum case), aluminum case blue color (it is rather closer to dark blue) and a red aluminum body (PRODUCT RED line).

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This year, the company has changed the dimensions of the display. It has become 20% larger than the previous version. Case dimensions have also increased by 1 mm - now there are options with a 41 mm case (36,990 rubles) and 45 mm (39,990 rubles). The display itself is up to 70% brighter indoors compared to the Apple Watch Series 6 - it's really noticeable in practice.

The watch has improved the user interface and work with applications. Due to the enlarged display, the menu buttons are slightly larger than in the previous version. This is especially noticeable when using the clock menu - to access the necessary applications, you need to "turn" the wheel or flip through the "swipe" much less. The "Calculator" has also been updated - the buttons on the calculator built into the watch have become larger and it is much more comfortable to use it. You can also choose a larger font.

The novelty is very quickly charged - 80% in 45 minutes. And if the user did not have time to charge the watch before going to bed, it can be charged in just 8 minutes to track 8 hours of sleep. The watch comes with a USB Type C cable and can be used with any USB C charger. The previous generation of Apple Watch is also compatible with the new charger, but Apple Watch Series 6 will charge more slowly than the new one.

Apple Watch Series 7 is stronger than the previous generation. Fortunately, this has not yet been tested in practice, but, as the company assures, the watch is able to survive a fall from a bicycle and a blow to the asphalt. Also, the novelty is protected from dust according to the IP6X standard, this is the highest protection certificate. Like the previous generation of watches, the gadget can be safely immersed in water up to 50 meters.

The ECG function has not gone anywhere either. It works in exactly the same way as on the previous generation of watches: to do this, you need to go into the ECG application, press your index finger against the wheel and sit still for 30 seconds. After that, the watch will save the results in the health app, and the PDF can be shared with the doctor. The level of oxygen in the blood SpO2, as in the Apple Watch Series 6, changes automatically. Of course, it is worth remembering that the Apple Watch is not a medical device. It can be used to assess the physical condition or consult with a specialist - you do not need to make diagnoses yourself.

In the sleep monitoring parameters, you can set the time during which you will be in the kingdom of Morpheus. At this point, the watch will turn off notifications and dim the screen of all your Apple devices so that they do not disturb your sleep. During sleep, the level of oxygen in the blood is also measured.

The watch has additional communication capabilities. For example, you can type an answer in the messenger directly from them without taking out your iPhone. Unfortunately, the feature is currently only available in English and is not available in Russia. But if the correspondence is in English, it is very convenient.

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The watch automatically understands the types of training - for example, if you walk, ride a bike or an electric scooter, the gadget automatically starts the desired activity and calculates calories. Navigation on the Apple Watch Series 7 has also become more convenient - largely due to the larger display.

Apple managed to make a product that customers will definitely like. If you have an Apple Watch Series 5 or below, this is a great reason to consider upgrading. For example, the “five” does not have the ability to measure oxygen in the blood, and in modern realities this is an extremely important function: with coronavirus, the level of oxygen in the blood decreases. The watch will go on sale on October 15th.