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Many Amazon Echo speakers and Alexa base still use discounts on Black Friday.One of the most attractive offers is the Amazon Echo Show 5 display, which usually costs $ 84.99, but it can be found on Amazon and Best Buy for $ 44.99.This smart display can be an ideal companion for your bedside table or kitchen rack, as it can process a alarm, recipes and entertainment.Although it has much in common with ECHO speakers, the Echo show display is capable of more, for example, the flow transmission of video from Prime Video and Netflix, display the forecast or display of your agenda per day.In addition, the built -in camera allows you to communicate in video chat with family and friends.Read our review.

Echo show 5 (second generation)

We consider Echo Show 5 of the second generation one of the best smart displays that you can buy.This is an ideal intellectual display for your bedside table, which allows, among other things, to install an alarm clock with the help of a voice, play music and get a weather report.When the alarm clock works, you just need to touch the upper part of the Echo Show 5 to postpone it.

You can also find the latest version (you can judge by its spherical design) Amazon Echo with modernized speakers for only 59.99 US dollars on Amazon and Best Buy.This is a 40 -dollar discount from the usual price.While this model offers only iterative updates compared to the predecessor, Dan Zaifert, who examined this last Echo model, praised the sound quality and attentive microphones.

Amazon Echo (fourth generation)

The last Echo model has a spherical design and the best sound, while maintaining an affordable price.

Sony wireless headphones from Sony are currently sold at a discount of up to $ 129.99, this is the lowest price for Amazon and Best Buy.At the time of launch, these headphones were sold at a price of $ 228.99.Although XM3 may not have the same functions as the new XM4, our review of Chris Velcha proves that there are several reasons for buying a couple, including excellent sound quality and noise reduction, as well as for a long time of autonomous work.However, think about whether its large case corresponds to your taste.

Sony WF-1000xm3

Originally released in 2018, WF-1000xm3 still compete well with competitors when it comes to autonomous work and sound quality, even if they are not as effective as their successors.

8.7-inch Android Planet Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is currently available at the lowest price in Best Buy.The base model with 32 GB of memory was reduced to $ 120, which means a decrease in the usual price of $ 40.A model that doubles the volume of storage up to 64 GB, costs $ 70, and is available only $ 10 expensive at a price of $ 130.This discount applies to both dark gray and silver color, if you are interested in.It is also worth noting that Best Buy offers a 20 percent discount on an appropriate accessory when buying with the tablet, which gives you additional savings on things such as protective films and covers.

Both tablets are equipped with a display with a resolution of 1340 x 800 and equipped with Android 11.Although the quality and performance of the camera will not receive any awards, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite seems to be a step forward in the general quality of the assembly and the proposed functions compared to other budget tablets.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite tab

Устройства Amazon Echo по-прежнему пользуются ценами Черной пятницы

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has a bright, colorful display, decent speakers and good build quality.This tablet is a great tertiary device for entertainment at an affordable price.

Corsair sold at a discount a couple of its flagship keyboards K100 and K95 RGB Platinum XT on Amazon and Best Buy.Corsair K100 is currently sold at a discount of up to 189.99 of the dollars on Amazon and on the official Corsair website, which means a discount of $ 40 with a regular recommended retail price.This full -sized keyboard is strikingly similar to the Corsair K95, but also includes a multifunctional scroll wheel, which can be used to quickly switch applications or increase and decrease the scale of the windows.Immediately note that this discount is available only for the version equipped with Cherry MX Speed keyboards.

Corsair K100 wired keyboard

One of the most expensive mechanical game keyboards Corsair today.In the upper left corner of the keyboard there is an icue control disk.

Previous flagship keyboard Corsair, K95 RGB Platinum XT, updated the original K95 using PBT keys and integration with Elgato Stream Deck equipment.Обычно модель с переключателями Cherry MX Speed ​​составляет 200 долларов, а на Amazon и Best Buy она была снижена до 149,99 долларов.Other models with Cherry Blue and Brown switches are available, but at present they are not applying the same discount.K95 has many bells and whistles that you would like to see in a full-size keyboard, including selected keys for playing multimedia and macroclavsia, in addition to RGB backlighting for each key.

Logitech expands the range of its gaming accessories, offering peripheral devices in a wide spectrum of bright color combinations.Currently, the Logitech G435 headset is available in three color options in Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon at a price of 59.99 US dollars, which is 20 dollars below the usual price.To make a deal even more pleasant if you buy this headset on Amazon, you will also get a free skin weapon skin for Battlefield 2042.

Although you can always choose black, this universally compatible headset also comes in white with blue inserts, as well as in a combination of bright pink and blue colors.G435 can operate up to 18 hours between charging and can be connected to devices via Bluetooth or using the attached wireless key of 2.4 GHz.This model is currently our best choice if you are looking for a wireless game headset.

Logitech G435 LightSpeed

Logitech G435 LightSpeed - это легкая и удобная беспроводная игровая гарнитура, которая не станет рентабельной.It is compatible with the consoles PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.He also supports Bluetooth, so you can listen to music or answer calls during the game.

Finally, we have a friendly announcement of the winter sale of Steam until January 5.Although there are many games that are actually cheaper in the Epic Games Store thanks to an additional 10 dollars coupon provided to all current users, there are several exclusive Steam games that should try.For example, the entire extension library for SIMS 4 and Planet Zoo is sold.Some other Steam exclusives include Forza Horizon 5 for $ 53.99, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for $ 29.99 and Titanfall 2 for just $ 4.79.If you are thinking about what games are your time this year, be sure to get acquainted with our best games guide for your new game PC.

Winter sale Steam

Winter sale in the Steam store will last until January 5, offering rare discounts on games, inaccessible on other platforms.

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